Why should I get merch produced through y’all?
Whether your audience is large or small, the odds are good they want to support you and sport your gear. There are lots of other companies doing what we do but they’re huge, faceless behemoths that generally operate like any other crappy business you’ve heard of.

We’re trying to be the ethical alternative to those businesses. We are 100% worker-owned and operated, union-represented and democratically run.

We only use 100% vegan, cruelty-free, water-based, ecologically-neutral processes to decorate merchandise.

We have access to products that may align with your values, like US-made, organic textiles, union-made, recycled materials etc.

We know we can’t be completely ethical in this system, but we are really trying, and we’re hoping enough creators like what we do to go through us!
I want to use your services! What kind of merch can you make?
Right now we can decorate just about any kind of merch that we can screen print on. So that’s most garments you can think of including Tshirts, hoodies, pants, masks, plus posters, flyers and other paper goods. Stickers coming soon!

Sadly we cannot do embroidery or dye sublimation yet.
What do I have to do to go through y’all?
First, contact us! We’ll discuss with you about what you were thinking with regards to merch.

You’ll send us art to use or we’ll work with you to design art for you (we are also designers!)

We’ll send you mockups for approval, and then physical samples of the final product/s.

We’ll make you an online merch portal and do all the back-end work to get it up and running. You can be as involved or hands-off as you want to be to keep the design consistent with your brand.

We quote you a price per item based on what it costs us to produce and fulfill the merchandise, and you decide what to sell them for retail. The difference is your profit, or “commission.”

Once the site goes live, we take care of everything and send you monthly sales reports and your profits in whatever way is convenient for you!
What ways can I get paid out?
We can deliver your profits via check, PayPal, Cashapp or Venmo. We can’t do cash or money orders.
What happens if a customer is dissatisfied?
We take care of everything. They contact us directly and we figure out what went wrong, why, and what course of action to take.

Don’t see your question here? Get in touch at our Contact Page!